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De Origine is an elite genealogical firm based in Rome that helps clients reconstruct their Italian heritage and beyond.

What we do

Turning to De Origine to trace your ancestors, customers recognise our excellence in solving genealogical challenges at low prices and in a short time. Thanks to our experience and academic training, we are able to reconstruct your family tree by providing you with real documented historical research.


We listen to your priorities, your needs and help you navigate a complex landscape with effective solutions to the most difficult demands.

Who we are

De Origine is a genealogical studio, carried out by Dr. Eng. Del Vecchio in 2019, that is based on active collaboration between several professionals for your needs: historians, archivists, lawyers and many genealogists from all over the world collaborate with us according to the needs of our clients. We provide high quality service, guaranteed by our professionalism, experience and international network.

Giovanni Del Vecchio

Giovanni is a professional genealogist with over 5 years of experience in Italian genealogical research with a scientific academic background. A graduate of Rome’s J. F. Kennedy High School of Science, he earned a degree in Management Engineering from University of Rome La Sapienza and has cultivated his passion for history over the years, studying Latin, paleography, archival studies and data analysis. He pours his knowledge into genealogical services.


Thanks to our experience, we publish informative content on the family histories of Italians who made history in the countries that welcomed them. Our insights are documented and can testify to the quality of our services. We publish the stories of our clients and content for dissemination purposes in genealogical topics.

What's your heritage?

At least once in our lives, everyone has asked themselves this kind of questions. Genealogical research can answer these questions by tracing birth records in the various Italian national archives. Over the last two centuries, Italian emigration has seen more than 20 million Italians leave their country to seek better living conditions abroad. 

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