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Genealogical research 🔎

The genealogical research service offers you the possibility of reconstructing your family tree. We can provide you the original documents about your ancestors and we can break the genealogical wall that blocks your research.

Transcription & Translation ✍🏼

Thanks to our experience, we’re able to correctly read manuscripts from past centuries, even if written in Latin. We can provide you with a correct transcription and translation of Italian documents from any era. 

Military records research 🎖️

One of our additional services to genealogical research involves tracing information about your ancestors’ military service. You can find out where they fought, in which regiment, and other extremely interesting information.

Documents shipping 🚚

We can provide you with multilingual paper or any other authenticated extracts from the historical archives where your ancestors resided. These are the essential documents for applying for Italian citizenship by jus sanguinis.

Italian citizenship 🇮🇹

According to Italian law, if you are a descendant of an Italian ancestor, you can apply for citizenship by right of blood, i.e. jus sanguinis. To obtain it, you must go to the nearest Italian consulate with several original authenticated civil registration documents of your ancestors.

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