Military records research 🎖️

How does it work?

One of our additional services to genealogical research involves tracing information about your ancestors’ military service. You can find out where they fought, in which regiment, and other extremely interesting information. The service consists of searching for military documentation relating to your ancestor, in particular the so-called Matriculation Sheets. 

Matriculation Sheets

The State archives keep the Matriculation Sheets compiled by the Military District Matriculation Service, which is responsible for keeping official records of all services rendered to the State by the individual serviceman and all facts that change his position during his time on the rolls.

For each soldier, the role records all the information relating to his military career in an extremely concise manner: matriculation number, information on physique, date of enlistment, ranks, any honours awarded, or sanctions imposed, or desertions.

What you will receive is the transcript and detailed translation of the document, as well as the original document as an attachment.

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