Who we are

De Origine is a genealogical studio, carried out by Dr. Eng. Giovanni Del Vecchio in 2019, based on active collaboration between several professionals for your needs: historians, archivists, lawyers and many genealogists from all over the world collaborate with us according to the needs of our clients. We provide high quality service, guaranteed by our professionalism, experience and international network.

Giovanni Del Vecchio

Giovanni Del Vecchio, born in Rome, is a professional genealogist with over 6 years of experience in Italian genealogical research with a scientific academic background. 

Through participation in the research project In Codice Ratio, developed by the Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Roma Tre, he got a huge knowledge in Latin, palaeography, archiving and data analysis. In the same years, he started to develop his own business as a genealogist, in particular on the freelancer platform Fiverr, where he reached over 40 clients from all over the world, with all and only 5-star reviews.

He is currently a master’s degree student in Industrial Engineering & Management at the Polytechnic University of Turin and has already graduated in Management Engineering in 2023 from the University of Rome La Sapienza. 

He is now officially a freelancer working with numerous law and genealogy firms around the world. He’s an APG member (Association of Professional Genealogists) and he puts his humanistic and engineering knowledge at the service of his clients. 

Interview at Radio Roma Capitale

In Codice Ratio Project

Collab. with Millennial Stone Cleaner (research on Di Raddo)

What we believe in

We believe in the valorisation of the humanitarian heritage and even more so the memories of our ancestors. For this reason, we want to be a pillar in the development of Italian genealogical interest for the descendants of the more than 20 million compatriots who have emigrated over the last two centuries all over the world.


Our vision is a world where genealogical research is easily accessible to all, regardless of language, geographical or other difficulties, and to promote awareness and inclusion throughout the discovery of one’s family roots.


Our mission is to help you discover and connect with your family history through our research services and the development of innovative and advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

Our customers

De Origine is active on the freelancer platform Fiverr, where it has over 50 reviews, all 5-star. Over the years, we have worked for private clients and law firms from all over the world. You can see some reviews, some of our numbers and main international partners.

Private customers

In the last four years we have worked for different private clients, who have rebuilt their family tree by relying on our professionalism.

Corporate customers

We currently work with legal and genealogical firms. If you are interested in developing a long-term collaboration, please contact us to establish the best working arrangements.

De Origine genealogical services

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